North Goa: Queen of beaches!

The district is part in Goa located in the northern region of Goa. North Goa is considered as the “Queen of beaches”. It has a variety of beaches like Vagator Beach Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Arambol Beach and, of course, the most well-known Baga Beach. Beyond that, Baga beach water activities activities are popular for tourist.

Tall palm trees and lush green vegetation and white sands that sparkle, North Goa welcomes in the paradise of beaches. Along with beaches, north Goa also offers visitors other attractions like Chapora Fort, Fort Aguada, Reis Magos Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Church of Mae De Deus, The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Chapel of St. Catherine, Mangeshi Temple, and many more. North Goa is full of adventures, fun and entertainment. The gorgeous beaches and the tourist location will leave an unforgettable souvenir in your memory.

Baga Beach: Adventure sports spot!

If you compare others beaches Baga Beach is considered the most well-known. There isn’t a more perfect spot then Baga Beach. Each year, more than Lakhs of international and national visitors enjoy the peace and tranquility in Baga beach. The beach has a broad selection of restaurants and cafes that are exquisitely built as wooden shacks, such as Tito’s, Britto’s and Mambos. The atmosphere will be of a beach lifestyle. There are a lot of stalls close to Baga Beach offering Tattoo making renting clothing, and other essentials. The beach is named for Baga creek, and it is a pathway towards an Arabian Sea. A wild, wild party could be enjoyed on this beach.

In addition to its famous wooden shacks with tall palm trees and tranquil vistas, Baga beach is a popular adventure sports location in Goa. There are many adventure sports that you must try in Goa include Windsurfing, Water Scooter, motorboat rides Scuba diving and Jet Skiing water skiing, Banana ride, River cruise, Dolphin tour and more.

Baga Beach is a package that comes with every pleasure and adventure.

How can I reach you?

Baga Beach is quite easy to access. It is a short drive from Panaji. Baga beach is just 30 minutes from Panaji via public transportation. It is accessible via Mapusa and it takes less than 15 minutes with public transport. Buses and public transport are readily available and operate throughout the day between Panaji in Panaji and Mapusa. It is possible to hire bicycles and motorbikes to get to the destination.

Best 5 Sports in the Water Sports on Baga Beach

1. Scuba diving

Scuba diving refers to underwater diving, where divers make use of respirators that are safe to breathe deep underwater. Scuba divers get to explore the underwater world which is home to a diverse array of wildlife and plants. Baga Beach is the perfect location to experience a marine life. Scuba diving is the most thrilling adventure activity that all water sports enthusiasts must try since it brings people closer to the ocean. A excursion to Baga beach will not be enough until you have Scuba diving.

2. Banana ride

If you’re an adventurer and love to go on adventures, then you can expect plenty of excitement and adventure on this Banana ride. When you go on a banana ride, you will find a banana-shaped boat tethered to a boat pulled into the water. The banana boat hits the ocean’s waves as if electricity is moving via the cable. To ensure your safety, it is essential put on a life jacket. The banana boat ride can make you fall off the banana boat, which is exciting and thrilling. The thrill is unbeatable and impossible to describe in words. Banana rides are an enjoyable ride that is recommended to everyone.

3. Windsurfing

Windsurfing is among the most well-known recreations you should explore in Goa. The most famous form of windsurfing is a combination of cruising and surfing. It’s made up of 3 meters long surfboards that smash against the stream of water when the wind blows it. It is an exciting moment that you should relive for a long time before they die. Surfing in the afternoon or the evening can be more exciting than during the day due to the force of the winds.

4. Jet skiing

Jet skiing is a different water game in Goa that will provide you with an unforgettable experience that every person should experience at least at least once in their lives. It’s an ideal water sport that is enjoyable for anyone, regardless of age or gender. The adrenaline rush flows throughout the body as the watercraft slips through the ocean’s flow. It’s refreshing and exciting as the cold wind and the water droplet of Arabian sea rush across the face.

5. River Rafting

River Rafting is not less well-known than other water sports. It’s a water sports which includes inflatable rafts as well as the double blade that paddles the boat. Rafting races are conducted by two teams, and the team that is first to arrive at the final destination is the winner of the race. The race is conducted mostly on rough waters that flows out of Western ghats. However, experts advise against to raft the river in the monsoon season due to the increase in water flow.

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