Scuba Diving in Malvan With Watersports

Malvan is among the most fashionable and well-known sightseer locations in Sindhudurg area of maharashtra. Malvan Sand is famous for its large and clear Arabian Sea sand, traditional malvani cuisine, and traditional seafood dishes. There are other well-known beaches close to Malvan such as Tarkarli Beach, Devbagh Beach, Chivala Beach, Achara Beach, Tondavali Beach all beaches are famous for their the blue water and white beaches. Malvan’s white sand and sparkling sand is a magnet for nature suckers and shutterbugs, while the beauty and serenity of the sand entice couples on their honeymoon.

Malvan Sand is situated within the Konkan bank. There are a variety of water sports and water conditioning available in Malvan, Scuba diving conditioning in Malvan as well as a variety of tourist locations are the most popular attraction of tourists, so this area has been a popular place to go with family members and musketeers.

It is among the most active commercial areas located in Konkan. It’s alive with activity at the quay , where most fishermen are anchored by their boats with vibrant boundaries and colors. There are numerous cafes and bars on the sand, unlike other beaches along the Sindhudurg seashore. It’s among the most welcoming environments, and is thriving with some locals who have a reputation for badinage.

The region that is Malvan can be described as a fortified island in the littoral reef. Be on the lookout for an ideal time to go divers diving in Malvan. For now, the attractive attraction of this sand and water activities in Malvan will remain a memory for the ages.

Scuba diving is among the most popular activities in Malvan these days. In fact, the old system is not cursed by diving in Malvan just behind Sindhudurg Fort area. In Andaman or Goa the requirement is to carry a 10kgoxygen cylinder 12 kg or 10 kg to your back when you dive. In Malvan in Malvan, the Cylinder or Air compressors are kept on the boat, and you must take air from a pipes that are connected directly to an air compressor. The depth of your submarine is determined by the length of the pipe (from air compressor to divers’ mouths). Submarine visibility is excellent condition from November through February close.

A swish route to reach Malvan to reach Malvan is Pune Malvan National Highway 4 (NH 4) and reach Kolhapur From Kolhapur municipal area, you may take the Radhanagar timber road or Gaganbawada Ghat Road or Gaganbawada ghat road Vaibhavwadi (If you take the Gaganbawada Ghat Road) Turn right in Phonda then join State Trace 116. Join Public trace 17 near Phonda Phata (Humbrath Titha village) Turn left at Kasalstate trace 118. Malvan.

Distance between Malvan and Tarkarli is 7 kilometers.

At Chivla Beach

On a special boat that we took to the ocean to dive with a group of certified divers. The beach area around Chivla is the best spot to dive as the water is also perfect deep. Because of this, the view of the ocean is transparent. Wearing specially designed clothing specifically for scuba diving on the boat the submarine was accompanied by qualified personnel.

The panorama of the ocean from inside was stunning. It was a memorable experience to look at the corals, the submarine shops, and colorful fish swimming around the area.

Chivla Beach Jet Ski

While they’re incredibly easy to master, they are not the preferred game for the more daring bones. If you are a fan of speed, it is a good idea to try spurt skiing. They have an average of 100-135 HP One of the best things about the machines is that you don’t require any expertise to use them.

Banana Lift

The sport of spurt skiing is best ideal for a couple of persons, but with Banana Boat, you can have fun exploring the waters with your friends and family.

This airboat, which resembles an image of fruit is used to lift banana boats in Malvan.

The boat is connected with the speedboat. When the speed boat sails through the sea, occasionally the boat can throw the passengers into the sea. People who love to see love this water sport simply to have fun.


The speed boat is able to move through the water, and you’re tied to it with a parachutes at the opposite part of the rope that is tied to it. This will take you up to an altitude of 300-350 bases from which you can view the stunning views of Malvan and the excitement.

Cushion Lift

The principal purpose to do with the riding bumper, or tubing is to yell for as long as you can while the speedboat glistens over the swells of powerful swells, in an attempt to knock your off.

Boat Lift

Speed boat lifts don’t share the same feelings as other passengers. The feeling you substantiate is out of the box .Thereby, giving you achinkingsensation.The stirring view of the sudsy swells, white gray sand, and therefore the oceanfront. Perhaps a view that all water sports enthusiasts is looking forward to for years since it’s not every day that you can see such breathtaking beauty. A boat lift that is thrilling can be an exciting and thrilling experience for all.

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