Whatsapp is an application that lets you contact others. This application was top-rated from the time it gets released. Without the internet, you cannot be able to operate this application. It gets popular because you can send an unlimited message for a day. The regular network messages get limited; it gets tremendous popularity among the users. It consumes less data, and its interface is straightforward and user-friendly. Using this application, you can send private messages to your loved ones or have a group chat with your team. It also supports sending audio voice messages and has the facility of video calling with low data usage. 

Benefits and restriction 

This WhatsApp application supports creating a group by adding many people. This group may include friends, an official team, or family members. You can create a business group to market and sell your products through WhatsApp. Many sole proprietors and intermediate partners use this platform for their business purpose. You can add videos and photos for their marketing purpose. Some restrictions are only the admin can send messages in the business group. You can share the information or videos only for five people or groups at once. You can also delete this group anytime if you don’t know how to delete WhatsApp group. Read this article thoroughly, and you will get some ideas about it.

Delete WhatsApp group

Deleting the WhatsApp group is not a difficult job. You can do this on your own to delete the group by following simple steps. But this delete option can only do by the admin of the group. Let’s see how to delete WhatsApp group in detail.   

  • Open WhatsApp

You have to open the application to do this work. Another important thing is you must be the creator of this group or be in the position of admin. Only admins are allowed to delete the group. They must consider as the group head. 

  • Select the group want to delete

One person can create many groups under their control. So you have to select the particular group you want to delete. 

  • Remove all members

You have to remove all the participants or members from your group. You cannot delete the entire membership at once. Open the WhatsApp group and tap the group subject. Then press and hold the group in the chats tab. Press the member name and tap Remove, and then OK.

  • Exit from the group

Finally, you are the only person left in the group. Later you have to leave the group on your own. After this, you don’t have any access to operate the group. Press and hold the group in chat and click exit group. You will get an exit from the group automatically.

  • Delete the group

After exiting, you can see the option delete group. Click the delete button it will get disappear from the WhatsApp application. For this, press and hold the chat tab and click the delete group button.

  • Now you have successfully deleted a group in the WhatsApp application. 

Now you have some idea about how to delete the WhatsApp group. You can also understand by reading the subheadings in this article.

Drawbacks of WhatsApp group

There are many advantages to the group available. Also, you have to face some drawbacks in your WhatsApp group. The first thing is that only the admin can add the members to the group. If the group member wanted to add a number, they had to send the number to the admin and request them to add the new member. Only by the approval of the admin members can they add to the group. The second thing is any member of this group can leave anytime from the group.

 For this action, there is not necessary to ask permission from the group. Sometimes you feel more irritated when you receive lots of messages receiving in the group. Some people will discuss their experiences interacting with a few group members in the group. Others will remain calm. It is also very easy to remove the group member without their permission. The admin is like the boss of the group. Without their knowledge, no one cannot do anything in the group. Admin has access to delete the message posted by the member in the group. 

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