The major five features of a good test namely: Reliability, Validity, Practicality, Discrimination and Authenticity will be discussed briefly.

1. Reliability:

A extraordinary test should be reliably. which means that the consequences of a test must be dependable. They have to be ordinary (live sturdy, ought to no longer produce different results on the same time as it’s far applied in superb days). A take a look at this is dependable will yield similar results with similar group of university students took the same take a look at on two activities, and their results are sort of the equal then the test can be referred to as a dependable test. If the result sare very unique. Then the take a look at is not dependable.
A take a look at is likewise dependable within the following instances :

a) If comparative groups of college students (students of similar talents) rating similar marks despite the fact that the test is given to them on simply considered one of a type days(furnished that the students have not in assessment notes and organized especially for it). If on the other hand, the outcomes are so excellent, that during one company, the students rating above average marks and the scholars within the particular institution fare badly, then the take a look at is unreliable.
b) A test is dependable if college students are marked via exceptional instructors, and this does not produce excessive specific marks.

c) Ultimately, a test is reliable if it’s been nicely administered. A ‘ideal’ test administration is considered one in all that lets in all examinees to carry out at their level under equal situations.  situations out of doors the test itself (e.g., the seating arrangement, horrible acoustics, and plenty of others.) ought to now not save you a scholar from performing at his /her excellent level. as a end result a reliability has 3 factors to it: reliability of the test itself, the reliability of the manner in which it is been marked, and the reliability of the way in which it is been administered.

2. Validity:

The time period validity refers to “the extent to which the test measures what it say sit measures”. Alderson, J.C. and Hughes, A (1981:135). In other words, take a look at what you teach, the way you train it. varieties of validity include face validity, content material validity, Criterion- referenced validity and construct validity. For study room teachers, content validity manner that the test assesses the direction content material and the outcomes using formats acquainted to the scholars.

Types of Validity.

Investigations of test validity are, in general, investigations into the extent to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure. This is however, a very general definition of validity, and it is useful to distinguish among several different types of validity. We will distinguish among four here.

  • Face validity:

Face validity is the arrival of validity the quantity to which a take a look at seems like it measures what it is supposed to, however without any empirical evidence that it does. there’s no statistical degree of face validity, and there is no generally prevalent process for determining that a take a look at does or does no longer display face validity .instance: a grammar test need to test the grammar no longer the vocabulary. as a result, in a grammar test, the vocabulary need to be smooth and vice versa.

  • Content validity:

The second one, and a much greater essential, form of validity is ‘content material validity’. content validity is the quantity to which the selection of responsibilities one observes in a test taking situation is representative of the bigger set of tasks of which the check is assumed to be a sample. A test needs to have a representative pattern of the coaching/instructional contents as described and included inside the curriculum.

  • Criterion referenced validity:

An other crucial however arguable sort of validation is ‘criterion-referenced validity’. Criterion-referenced validity is the extent to which a test predicts something that is considered vital. it’s miles vital to observe  that in criterion-referenced validity, understanding exactly what a check measures isn’t critical, so long as anything is measured is a good predictor of the criterion behavior. as an instance, a rating on a translation take a look at from a student’s native language into English is probably a excellent predictor of how well a student might do in courses in an English-medium college.

  • Construct validity:

The fourth form of validity is the relation, among a test and the Psychological abilities it measures. This characteristics known as assemble validity – the quantity to which a check, or a set of exams, yield rankings which behave within the methods one would are expecting they should if the researcher’s principle of what’s in the thoughts of the subject is accurate. For example, if it’s miles claimed that a check measures ‘know-how of grammar’, one should be able to illustrate that  possible measure expertise of grammar (as a mental assets) to a positive quantity independently of other purported psychological properties such as ‘information of vocabulary’, ‘knowledge of the writing machine’, ‘capability to reason verbally’, and so forth.

3. Practicality:

Manage the spinned words as you classroom instructors are acquainted with practical problems,  but they need to assume of how sensible subjects relate to testing out. an amazing classroom  test must be ‘trainer -friendly’. A trainer ought to be able to expand, administer and market inside the available time and with to be had sources.
Practicality is the relationship among the assets so as to be required in design, improvement, and use of the take a look at and the assets to be able to be to be had for these activities (Bachman and Palmer, 1996:36). They illustrated that this satisfactory is unlike the others because it specializes in how the test is carried out. moreover, Bachman and Palmer (1996) labeled the addressed resources into three types: human resources, fabric assets, and time.

4. Discrimination:

All testing assessment is based totally on contrast, both between one scholar and another, or among  a student as he’s now and as he become earlier. An crucial feature of a terrific take a look at is its  capability to discriminate most of the overall performance of different students or the same student in special factors in time. The extent of the want to discriminate will range in keeping with the purpose of the test.

5. Authenticity:

Bachman (1991) defines authenticity because the appropriateness of a language person’s
response to language as verbal exchange. The take a look at gadgets have to be related to the target language’s use. Bachman and Palmer (1996) described authenticity because the degree to which a given language test’s duties’ traits correspond to a goal language use task’s capabilities.