Q. What is your opinion on the current situation in the USA?

DC: “Politically speaking what we effectively have in America is a two Party system in which one party is evil and the other is useless.  Because the party which is evil faces no actual resistance they enjoy unilateral control of virtually all of the surrounding levers of authority which determine the fate of our nation.  Naturally the citizens, who have now been reduced to helpless spectators eventually become disillusioned enough to fall victim to narcissists and conspiracy theorists as they drive them towards revolutionary fantasies.  My message to anyone entertaining such fantasies is first off, please don’t.  Secondly, if you must, please do not attach yourself to my campaign or movement in any way shape or form.  My message to the rest of the American people is simple: before we throw away democracy let’s first try to win.  Let’s grab hold of the useless Party and make it into something useful by replacing a platform which does nothing with a platform that fixes things.  Because none of the professional politicians from either side have shown any willingness or capacity to present such a platform to the American people I’ve decided to step forward with my vision.  And frankly, I think it is good that I am a little extra political in a sense because it turns out after a more careful examination that there are actually still some good people and ideas trapped under the tent of the evil Party as well as people in the faux resistance party which are evil as well as useless.  So in a way I get to poke and prod both sides a little bit and hopefully shake out enough well intentioned people to form a majority coalition.  Democracy isn’t rocket science.  If you like my ideas, you get to vote for them.  If enough people vote for me to get me elected, I’ll act on them.  I’m not naive enough to think it will be easy but at least in principle, that’s the process.“

Q. What would you do if you are selected as President of the USA?

DC: “First and foremost I’ll be seeking to reorient the nation back towards God, which is what the Founding Fathers actually intended.  On the domestic front I’ll look to introduce a wide range of sweeping reforms aimed at getting us back on track as a nation.  One sector where I plan to invest big is on our social infrastructure, which has been under attack for many decades now.  I’ll also be looking to tackle the existential threats posed to our citizens by the entertainment, academic and tech sectors which declared war on them several decades ago.  I’ll also look to restore journalistic integrity by imposing some basic and necessary standards to the reporting of news, so that we might continue to enjoy our so-called free press.  I think there is a real danger if we don’t address topics like these that we could lose them altogether and that the press will end up becoming an extension of the state, which is certainly the direction things are trending now.  Most importantly, if I do nothing else as President I will restore the innocence of our children and re assert the appropriate boundaries required to allow them to develop in a healthy manner.  That’s the one topic for me where there is to be no compromise and I want to be crystal clear on that.”

“Geopolitically speaking I’ll put an end to our modern legacy of belligerent schizophrenia by articulating a clear and immutable set of core values which will identify us to the world once again as a properly Christian nation.  Once established we will then be back in a position to  lead the global conversation on the various human rights concerns of the 21st century such as protecting children from predatory lifestyles or applying meaningful supervision to Artificial Intelligence.  Parallel to this I intend to form a new trans continental alliance or coalition of other properly Christian nations capable of applying meaningful pressure on bad actors.  Such a recalibration of our presence abroad will no doubt unlock countless new opportunities for diplomacy and trade in places like Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East as well.”

Q. What is your opinion on world peace?

DC: “This is a beautiful question.  World peace is a noble, virtuous and beautiful goal and it is certainly a concept which is close to my heart.  I think a lot of what has happened is that the wars got very bad on this planet and unfortunately the weaponry has so much power to destroy that we got together with a very good and necessary idea, which was to make sure that we did not have another World War.  To give credit to the post World War II globalist regime, they have been largely successful in collectively reducing the prevalence of war and armed conflict–and this must remain a central priority for the global community.  But I also feel that at the same time, from a spiritual sense the world grows increasingly darker and more dangerous.  And in fact nothing is more dangerous than spiritual death, which is the ultimate death.  So on that first mission, I want to not only keep that peace but to expand it.  Now I want to broaden the scope of that peace by addressing this previously overlooked spiritual component.”  

“I almost feel like there is a sort of World War taking place right now–only instead of taking place on the physical plane, as the wars of the 20th century did, the 21st century struggle becomes increasingly spiritual in nature.  I think humanity as a whole, from a battle readiness perspective for a conflict like this, we’ve fallen very far behind.  One thing I’ve spoken to in the past is my plan to create a Spiritual Defense Force, which would likely be an extension of our  newly formed Disinformation Governance Board aka “Ministry of Truth.”  Under the guidance and direction of the Truth Czar, these two bodies would collectively be responsible for protecting the spiritual well being of our citizens from the myriad of demonic activity currently afflicting us.  Speaking very broadly here about how this two pronged approach might work the Truth Czar might identify a physical source of demonic activity, such as the entertainment industry, which the DGB, perhaps in conjunction with the DOJ, would confront directly.  Parallel to this, the Spiritual Defense Force would be engaged in direct confrontation with the spiritual bodies themselves, performing the various clerical and liturgical steps required to properly cast out or rebuke the actual demons.  I’d expect other nations to adopt similar approaches after we have successfully demonstrated the efficacy of our model.  So then it becomes a collaborative, global effort which has the potential to place us on a pathway towards a new kind of peace, even greater than the peace which we’ve enjoyed this past half century or so.”

Q. What do you think about the world’s environment?

DC: “Well I will be the first to admit that I am no expert on this topic, which I know is very hotly contested.  So rather than try to jump in the middle of that because I read one or two articles I will simply say what it means to me.  We do know that some resources are finite.  How long they will last, etc, that is for the scientists to sort out.  My suspicion is that we are not anywhere close to running out of things like oil or whatever but at least in principle, eventually we will need something renewable so in principle, these are good things to pursue.  There is an economic impact which we measure against the supply to determine an appropriate pace to getting there and there will naturally be some debate here.  Personally, I tend to err on the side of let’s get there sooner rather than later.  For me it’s less a matter of science, a subject to which I admit to ignorance, but simply because I like being around nice things, so this is really what motivates my desire to protect the environment.  I like fresh air, nature, clean water etc and I don’t think we want to turn the planet into a giant strip mall.  I think in a way we need to reimagine our relationship to the planet, not to worship it as a Goddess, like some neo-pagans but rather to fulfill our God given obligation to serve as stewards over it.”  

Q. Why is there such a thing as world hunger and what should we do to solve it?

DC: “This is a very difficult and sad question and a person can spend a lifetime contemplating the cause of poverty, suffering and death without ever reaching a conclusion.  As a Christian, this question gets addressed in the first few pages of the Bible, where we come to understand that they entered the world due to original sin–and that as a further consequence we are now living in a fallen world.  While we can’t make it back to Eden on our own, we certainly can and should begin to head back in that direction.  So if we take the model of Eden as our guiding point of reference and compare the modern American model, which is to torture and terrorize animals until they cost less than fruits and vegetables, clearly there is a disconnect.”

“Now, there is some growing awareness and concern on these topics and we do see some consumer driven steps in the right direction.  We hear terms like “sustainably caught,” “locally sourced,” “farm to table,” etc which I think are all good terms.  One term I particularly like is “cruelty free,” so much so that I often wonder if such a standard ought not simply be mandatory.  This is a very disruptive idea because of how deeply ingrained consuming excessive amounts of thoroughly processed animal meat is to our way of life.  But you know, if it turns that we just can’t hold that $2 price point for our McDouble Burger without subjecting cattle to a literal lifetime of torture first maybe we should eat more vegetables instead.  Applying basic ethical standards to the treatment of livestock would in all likelihood push us collectively to a substantially more plant based diet, which as it turns out requires a fraction of the resources needed to produce the frozen hamburger patty diet.  So that in and of itself goes a long way on topics such as world hunger and water shortages.”

“And look, I love a good steak and I want to be clear that I’m not talking about making the planet vegan, which would be horrible.  But I am talking about returning to a more normal, less sociopathic relationship with what we put into our bodies.  Small things, pausing to ask a blessing before we eat, these are actually extremely important.  Turning away from the drive through leads us to yet another uncomfortable idea; perhaps instead of eating alone in our cars we could go back to eating with family at the dinner table.  We certainly haven’t solved the problem but I think by recognizing the interconnectedness of some of these topics we are at least now moving towards some progress.”  

Daryl Constantine is not available on social media and encourages interested parties to engage with him exclusively through his website www.constantine2024.com