Latin America has exported great talents of the Sevent Art, and one of the most renowned is Guillermo del Toro, whose home town is Guadalajara.

Guillermo del Toro has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to film direction, which is very admirable.

Throughout his professional career he has directed great projects and many of his films have received standing ovations in important international film festivals.

Guillermo del Toro has directed The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, Hellboy, Nightmare Alley and The Shape of Water.

With the latter film, he won an Oscar for “Best Director” and reminded the whole world why he is one of the most brilliant filmmakers of Hollywood.

One of Guillermo del Toro’s most recent successes is Pinocchio. This film was animated by hand in its entirety and only a few days after it premiered, it has caused a commotion.

Positive Reviews for Pinocchio

The positive reviews came around immediately due to the genious of this new version of DIsney’s classic.

It took many years for Guillermo del Toro to materialize this project, but he has confessed that it is one of the most brilliant he has created to this day.

Pinocchio could be nominated for the upcoming Academy Awards, while del Toro could take home another golden statuette for this animated film.

Alfonso Cuarón: Know His Milestones

Alfonso Cuarón is a name that echoes strong in the industry of the Sevent Art.

His professional career has been incredible and in recent decades he has participated in impressive filmmaking productions.

And if this wasn’t enough, Alfonso Cuarón has won two Oscars, one for the film Gravity and another for Roma.

This Mexican filmmaker has proven to have great talent as a director, producer and screenwriter, and eveything points to the fact that he will be reaping more success in films for years to come.

Olmo Cuarón’s Animations

Alfonso Cuarón has three children: including Olmo Cuarón. And it is not only the blood ties that unite them, but also their great enthusiasm for art.

In fact, Olmo Cuarón has an innate talent for animations and stop-motion videos, which has caught the eye of many critics and followers.

Without a doubt, Olmo Cuarón’s animations have given a lot to talk about, because they truly show ingenuity, creativity and brilliance.

Many believe that Olmo Cuarón will follow his father’s footsteps, or perhaps Guillermo del Toro’s, who is also an enthusiast for stop-motion animations.

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